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  • Re.Connect Programme

    Online self paced core restore programme.
    • Education about the pelvic floor, deep core and body
    • Exercises that strengthen your core
    • Empowerment to take control of your mind and body
    • Less leaks, less aches, more body freedom

FAQ -Re.Connect Programme

How long do I have access to this for?

FOREVER! Your one-time payment gives you access forever. The cool thing is when new information comes out, I update the programme so you have the updates forever.

What equipment do I need?

I’ve made this accessible and doesn’t require lots of gear or gear that can be substituted for household items.

A chair. A pillow or kids soft ball. A miniband. A long theraband/loop (you can use pantyhose or something similar with stretch). A step. Wall and floor space. That’s it.

Can I do this programme from birth?

YES! Of course this depends on individual circumstances but generally, you can start Phase 1-2 from birth. Phase 3-4 could be from weeks 4-6 (considerations of healing scar tissues etc). I recommend phase 5 onwards from 6 weeks vaginal delivery, 8-10 weeks caesarean delivery (depending on your healing in both births). Because this programme is not designed to be rushed, you can come back to it at any stage. *As always, consult your care providers for advice for your situation.

How long does this programme take?

The golden question! I didn’t want to give a specific time to complete it as 1. Core connecting is forever and 2. Every.body.is.different.

As a very loose guide, you could do this in 8 weeks. But it really depends on your time, your ability to connect to your core and therefore how confident you feel to progress into the next phase. It is not a speedy programme. Some parts require a bit of brain concentration and this takes time and practice!

Can I do this programme if I have incontinences or prolapse?

YES! The Re.connect core programme was designed with core/pelvic issues at the forefront. I want Woman to experience body freedom with less leaking, less heaviness feelings down below, less aches and pains. I am a Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise prescription coach, as well as being in pelvic aware fitness professional. I am not going to offer a programme that puts your pelvic health under stress! *I always advise seeking professional services of a pelvic floor physio therapist to best cater to your specific needs.

Will I lose my lower tummy fat and get flat abs?

Well, maybe? This programme is not about losing fat or washboard stomachs. This programme is about inner strength and connection to your core; Pelvic floor, TVA, diaphragm and how these power players work with the rest of the body for overall health and functionality.

Can I continue with my other exercise while doing this?

Yes, if you want to. If your current exercise isn’t contributing to your experiencing the 4 P’s (peeing, pooping, peaking in the midline or pressure down below) then go for it.

Can I share this info with my friends?


You can of course share stuff you have learnt! If you do, tag me on your socials pages or email me. But I’d love you to respect not sharing the log in details with others. Instead, recommend them purchasing the programme so you can do it together (comparing pelvic floor cues is always funny). Remembering I am a Mama and small business owner trying to make it for her family.