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Hey strong Mama.

Now is your time to thrive.

Re.Thrive supports all Womxn using exercise, education, nourishment and mindset to live their best life. Postnatal & pregnancy exercise specialist. Core and postnatal programme coming soon!
Are you ready for this? Let's go!

Time to Re.Thrive

Re.Thrive aims to empower Womxn with exercise & education. Jess values Womxn's needs and wants, creating programmes that suit womxn's life seasons. Pregnancy, postnatal and menopausal stages require a different approach to exercise.  You aren't broken. You are smart, strong, and cabable. Let Re.Thrive bring out the best in you.


Womxn are not small men. We are capable, strong and as Queen B says "We run the world". Our approach to exercise needs to be adjusted to suit our life season; pre/postnatal, mid life and everything in between. Re.Thrive aims to exercise Womxn in challenging ways whilst honoring the female body. 


You are smart. And so is your body. But sometimes things feel off or unknown. What is this bulging in my pelvic region? Why when I run, I leak? How can I get back into lifting weights post baby? I have diastsis recti, what exercises can I do? I am turning 50 and I can't shift this lower belly weight? To carb or not to carb? Re.Thive is here to support you by educating on common Womxn's topics. In a non teacher way.


Putting yourself last all the time? Feeling lost in your approach to exercise? Wanting to take back control of your body and mind? Imagine having strategies for when things feel off. Tips to support your core health when exercising. Tools to reduce stress and support mental wellbeing. Strategies to thrive in your life right NOW. Taking back control, 1 leak free step at a time. Empowering your own journey.


"I started with Jess a few years back, after I had just joined Weight watchers again for the 2nd time. I knew that I needed something to get me moving and the thought of going to the gym scared me. I needed someone – I needed Jess.

In my first session, it was tough. Jess gave me the courage to succeed at each session, she guided me, inspired me, she gave me the confidence to push myself.  I have been able to compete with my boys and accomplish challenges I never thought possible.

If you are looking for an inspirational person, who is knowledgeable and understands life and all its challenges, Jess is the one for you.
I cannot recommend her enough and can assure you, you are in the best hands."

- Amanda, mum of 2

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