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Re.connect  Self paced Core Restore Programme

The core is the pillar of our bodies - so much life and energy exist there. Yet many women go through life never really feeling connected to it. 

This self paced online programme supports Women to shift from a disconnected core to having body freedom in their movement and everyday lives - moving towards a functional and connected core. 

For me, that is very satisfying and exciting. 


You need this programme if you:

  • Feel weak in your core

  • Have had a baby recently

  • Experience leaking pee, poo or farts

  • Have Diastasis recti

  • Want to relieve bodily aches and pains

  • Need "you" time from busy mum life

  • Want the everyday life movements to be easier

  • Want to experience body freedom

  • Are wanting to get back to higher impact or intensity exercise

  • Have a pelvic floor and core

I love how you give different explanations about how to connect to the pelvic floor. The jelly fish has always connected with me. It’s funny that when I exercise, I make sure I’ve engaged my pelvic floor jelly fish style.

- Jacky

What you get with this programme:

  • Lifetime access to the content with continual updates 

  • Extensive video library with demonstrations, educational chats, exercise breakdown, follow along circuits

  • Review PDF to download of each phase

  • Extra content videos and tips to support your core 

  • Empowerment to take control 

  • Body freedom


Every Women deserves to feel good, to move confidently and be connected to their bodies. This programme will support you to do exactly that.

What 's inside?

7 phases make up the Re.connect core programme. Each one builds on the previous phase.

Phase 1 - Alignment

Moving our body into optimal alignment.


Phase 5 - Exercise

Applying phase 1-4 into basic exercises 

Phase 2 - Breathing

Learn how to 360* breathe

Phase 6 - Exercise

Applying phase 1-4 into exercises that challenge the core in all the ways

Phase 3 - Core

 How to connect to the pelvic floor and deep core muscle 


Phase 7 - Exercise

Applying phase 1-4 to exercises that challenge core control and load the muscles

Phase 4 - All together

Practicing bringing Phase 1-3 all together




Knowledge is power. Included in phases 1-4 are the what and the why's about:

  • The pelvic floor. 

  • Different pelvic floor types.

  • Our deep core muscle, including the TVA.

  • How our alignment and breathing patterns affect the rest of our body.

  • Why certain movements cause us discomfort or issues.


You made me believe in myself and my body. You helped me realize I'm not broken and I am worthy.

- Shanon


Having knowledge and control over our body is powerful.

Empowerment videos in phases 1-4 focus on how to move towards empowerment by:

  • Learning how to tune in to our breathing patterns.

  • Learning where we live in our alignment and how to shift in all the ways.

  • Trying different cues to help connect into the core system.

  • Trying those cues in different body positions, to move in all the ways.


Exercise in phase 1-4 is giving opportunities to practice our empowerment in all different positions.

Phase 5-7 is applying phases 1-4 into different exercise styles. 

Progressing from static moves like vaccums to more challenging and dynamic exercises like a hops, plank and even a burpee!


When you finally feel connected to your core, you are empowered to take on life with ease and enthusiasm.