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I coach women online via ZOOM or in person if residing in the Lugano region of Switzerland. 

I coach all women in their different life phases; pregnancy, early postnatal, peri-post menopausal and every thing in between and beyond. 

I can create a programme suited to your needs, desires and abilities. From day 1 of birth to high intensity bootcamp styles, I can do it all for you. 

  • Bespoke exercise training tailored to your needs and wants.
    45 min
    60 dollars néo-zélandais
  • Bespoke exercise training tailored to your needs and wants.
    1 hr
    75 dollars néo-zélandais
  • Online body alignment & core assessments with recommendations given
    1 hr
    90 dollars néo-zélandais

10 week personal coaching

Wanting regular accountability and support? This is for you!


Bespoke 10 week personal coaching.

This includes:

  • 1 or 2 45 minute live (in person or online) exercise sessions per week.

  • Designed with your needs and desires at the centre.

  • Vision setting.

  • Custom designed at home/in gym exercise programme to compliment live sessions.

  • Constant support and accountability with Jess.

  • Regular consistent time slot.

  • High protein recipe pack.

Contact me to discuss

If you are in New Zealand, the prices shown for PERSONAL coaching are NOT converted from CHF into NZD. They would be $45-90 NZD respectively. Please hit the Orange contact button above if you live in New Zealand and want to train with me virtually. 
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