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How a Jelly Fish and your Pelvic Floor are related

Updated: Apr 18

Ok. Hear me out. This may sound weird but the 2 can be related.

When I take clients through connecting to their pelvic floor, I use visualizing cues of things we can relate to. Because without being inside of someone (that a pelvic floor physio can do), we do not know if someone is activating their pelvic floors correctly.

Some of us may never have even connected to them.

Cueing helps. And the cue that most clients tend to connect to is the jellyfish.

For example.

Imagine lowering your pelvic floor downwards, just like the jellyfish opens and expands as it pauses. Then gently lifting your pelvic floor upwards, just like the jellyfish tentacles squeezes to propel it upwards.

Other cues to try:

  • A milkshake up a straw.

  • Elevator going up and down to ground floor.

  • Picking up a blueberry.

  • Flower opening and closing

  • Imagine stopping a fart and flow of pee

  • Those claw machine that grab toys?

  • Being in a bath tub of eels...naked. You can only imagine!

It can be tricky to connect to. It easy to say flex and relax your bicep muscles, right? Clients really find using cues helps connect to those deep core muscles.

In the Re.Connect core restore programme, I take you through various cues in different body positions. Then we apply this to breathe, TVA connection and eventually movement.

Check out the programme here.

Which cue tickles your fancy? Do you have one to share?

In kindness,


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