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Indications you shouldn't be exercising whilst pregnant (without having medical clearance)

Updated: Feb 5

We want empowered birthing people. Ones who feel confident throughout their pregnancy to advocate for their bodies.

However, sometimes there maybe issues that mean we MUST seek medical guidance before commencing an exercise routine. Even with seeking medical advice, in some circumstances, exercise maybe a no-go.

I know this can be dishearting for those who like to move their bodies! Being told you should not exercise can be a kick in the pregnant guts. But know that any decision is made with you and the babies best medical interest. All anyone wants is for a safe delivery of baby and a parent who is well.

Below are contraindications for exercise during pregnancy:

Absolute Contraindications Exercise During Pregnancy – If you have now or in past pregnancies, experienced these, you MUST not exercise and seek advice from your medical practitioner for their advice before proceeding.

Significant heart disease Significant lung disease Incompetent cervix Multiple gestation at risk of premature labour

Persistent spotting/bleeding or Placenta Praevia Premature labour Ruptured membranes Uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes Evidence of Intrauterine Growth Restriction Pregnancy-induced Hypertension or Pre-Eclampsia Uncontrolled Epileptic Fits/Seizures Swelling or general noticeable appearance of puffiness Previous decreased foetal movement

‘Suspected’ Amniotic fluid leakage

These are slight Contraindications Exercise During Pregnancy - If during exercise you experience these, you MUST seek advice from your medical practitioner before resuming exercise.

Vaginal ’Spotting’ Dyspnoea (difficult or laboured breathing) before exertion Dizziness Headache Chest Pain Calf Pain or swelling Itchiness Noticeable increase in your thirst Vomiting Intense lower back or pelvic pain Numbness or weakness anywhere in body

This seems like a scary and large list. Remember: You and baby being healthy and safe is the number 1 priority for everyone. Always seek medical guidance before exercising during pregnancy.

With kindness,

Jess x

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