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Nourishment to support a healing body

Updated: Feb 5

What foods and why ?

You might not be thinking about foods or drinks to heal the core. But there are some foods and drinks that are have super powers over others in supporting core regeneration and health.

After events like birth, surgery, injuries or major sporting events, we need to repair and replenish body cells. In many cases, real deep healing needs to occur (did you know that the wound left from the placenta detaching from the uterus is the size of a dinner plate !?).

Apart from rest, the other way to get this is through our nourishment via foods and drinks. I am not here to tell you what you can or can not eat. Because food is healing in itself ! There are some that you may want to consider slipping into your diet to allow for the best recovery, repair and restore of your beautiful body.

1. Protein! Protein forms the building blocks of all cells and is a key macronutrient in growth and repair of the body. Remember the pelvic floor, diaphragm, TVA, rectus abdominals, glutes are all MUSCLES. In order to be functioning best, they need to be built up with not just exercise but the macronutrient protein. Examples of high protein foods: Dairy, soy, meats, eggs, nuts. If you are wanting to up your protein levels, check out the FREE 6 HIGH protein recipe pack here. Packed full of delish, family approved recipes, all containing 20g or more of protein.

2. Collagen. Collagen is naturally occurring protein in the body but as we age, our stores decrease. It is responsible for keeping joints and muscles healthy, as well as forming connective tissues in the body (think the connective tissues between diastasis recti!). We can get it if we eat protein rich diet and also through supplementation.

3. Fiber. Adequate fiber intake = gets things moving! If we are constipated, we place greater strain downwards on our pelvic floors, potentially increasing issues associated with ill pelvic health. Those who have a hypertonic pelvic floor may experience more occurrences of constipation, so upping the fiber is a must. Foods high in fiber are: Beans, Broccoli, wholegrain cereals, potatoes, berries, general fruits and vegetables!

4. Vitamin A C and E. These 3 vitamins have great healing properties, for skin (Mamas think episiotomies/caesarean scar), tissues, muscles. All 3 vitamins can be found in foods such as yellow- and orange-coloured fruits, berries and deep coloured vegetable. Foods high in A: Orange and yellow fruits, berries, eggs, fish oil. Foods high in C: Citrus, broccoli, capsicum, cauliflower. Foods high in E: Plant-based oils, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

5. Mineral Zinc. Responsible for DNA cell regeneration. This is particular important for those experienced in surgeries or postnatal. Foods high in zinc: Seeds, nuts, shellfish, meats, beans and YES chocolate! Jess told you, eat the damn chocolate!

6. Water. I don’t think I need to reiterate the importance of water in our diets. And if you think you shouldn’t drink water so you don’t pee whilst exercising, I recommend going back to Phase 1 my friend.

Now go nourish yourself with healing foods that make you feel good AND are helpful for rebuilding your strong body.

In kindness,


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