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You gotta nourish yourself to flourish - Self care as a new mother.

I twisted my knee getting off the floor trying to avoid a bloody toy and it’s been a bit sore since. So I’ve seen a physio. Obviously the leg needed to make an appearance for a massage and I pulled up my pant leg to reveal what can only be described as chewbaccas face glued to my leg. Seriously would need a chainsaw to whack through the leg hair length. Embarrassed I said “Oh my I’m so sorry I forgot to shave.” In like 100 years. He replied “No worries, winter and all that.” To which I cringeingly said “Yeah, hashtag mum life.” *awkward giggle*.

So while hubby took miss 2 to the groceries, I put Elijah in the bouncer on the bathroom floor and jumped in the shower to weedwhack le legs. 200 minutes, 2 blades and a bottle of draino later, I emerged from the shower feeling pretty clean and defuzzed. And nice. I felt good about myself.

Sad right? That the little event of defuzzing my legs and slathering on sweet smelling lotion made me feel good. So why hadn’t I done this in an eternity? I have a shower each day, yet haven’t managed to shave. Have I become complacent with the fuzz? Happy to not bother? Using #mumlife as an excuse to hide how I’m feeling?

I’m the first to admit I can’t be bothered most days. My effort is put into my kiddos. I put them first above me. Above me feeling tops. But is that right?

Self care. It’s important. The smallest act can help you feel good, help the mind calm, the soul recharge. Shave the legs? Have a cuppa tea in peace? Bake some cookies? Eat said cookies? Go for a walk to work off said cookies?

What ever it is, do it for yourself. Because the old saying of you can’t pour from an empty cup rings so true. If you’ve got little eyes watching you, absorbing your every move and relying on your energy to run, chase, tumble with, how can you do so if you aren’t feeling well? If your cup is at not at least 1/2 full?

I will slip into my sheets tonight, feeling defuzzed and happy from this small act of self care. My cup is about 1/8 full.

I better put drain cleaner onto the shopping list.

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