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Hey strong human.

Now is your time to thrive.

Re.Thrive supports all Women using exercise, education and empowerment to live their best life. Postnatal & pregnancy exercise specialist. 
Are you ready for this? Let's go!

Time to Re.Thrive

Re.Thrive aims to empower Women with exercise & education. Jess values Women's needs and wants, creating programmes that suit Women's life seasons. Pregnancy, postnatal and menopausal stages require a different approach to exercise.  You aren't broken. You are smart, strong, and capable. Let Re.Thrive bring out the best in you.


Women are not small men. We are capable and strong. Our approach to exercise needs to be adjusted to suit our life season; pre/postnatal, mid life and everything in between. Re.Thrive aims to exercise Women in challenging ways whilst honoring the female body. 


You are smart. And so is your body. But sometimes things feel unknown. 


What is this bulging in my pelvic region? Why do I leak when I run?

How can I get back into lifting weights post baby?

I have diastasis recti, what exercises can I do?

I am turning 50 and I can't shift this lower belly weight?

Re.Thrive is here to support you by educating on common Women's topics. In a non teacher way.


Putting yourself last all the time?

Feeling lost in your approach to exercise?

Wanting to take back control of your body and mind?

Imagine having strategies for when things feel off. Tips to support your core health when exercising. Strategies to thrive in your life right NOW.

Taking back control, 1 leak free step at a time. Empowering your own journey.

Re.connect Core Programme

Experience body freedom, gain strength and control in your core and connect back to your body. This liberating, self paced online programme re.connects Women to their deep core to thrive in not just exercise, but everyday life. One empowered step at a time.


Marble Surface

I had the pleasure of having Jess Baker as a PT instructor as well as doing her group session.  I loved how Jess had her finger on the pulse for any injury or weaknesses.  She never made it a problem just found a solution.  Her passion for health and wellbeing is contagious.


Jess is passionate about Women’s health. She gives you confidence to build strength and achieve goals in a holistic and caring way. She taught us mothers (new and not so new) how to workout in a safe yet challenging way. My biggest achievement with Jess’ was lowering my cholesterol levels without medication. Jess is amazing.


I love how you give different explanations about how to connect to the pelvic floor. The jelly fish has always connected with me. It’s funny that every time I exercise, I make sure I’ve engaged my pelvic floor jelly fish style.



Free Course!​

Abdominal separation -Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti affects many women but it doesn't have to limit you. Learn about the what, why & how to test for it in this self -paced mini course.

Free Recipe Pack!​

6 high protein recipes

6 high protein recipe E-book  of simple, delicious foods. Kid approved!

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